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Study suggests triple-abortive women run higher risk of premature births

5 September 2012

"We best support women by giving them all the facts"

Findings in a study of 31,000 Finnish women suggest that women who have had three or more abortions run a higher risk of giving birth to a premature and low-weight baby. [Press Association, 30 August]

In a related story, a Scottish study has suggested that there is a risk of premature birth after only one abortion. [Telegraph, 5 September] Anthony McCarthy, SPUC's Publications and Education Manager said:

"The study by Dr Reija Klemetti and her colleagues should lead researchers to investigate further the consequences of repeat abortions on mothers and children. The abortion industry not only lacks all concern for the unborn child it targets but frequently expresses outrage at research indicating that abortion can have serious physical and psychological consequences for the woman.

"We best support women by giving them all the facts: any honest researcher who seeks to look into the effects of abortion on the woman and subsequent children she conceives should be supported."

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