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Defending life from the moment of conception

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European Parliament passes radical pro-homosexual resolution

25 May 2012

The European Parliament has passed a resolution promoting a radical pro-homosexual agenda. The resolution was passed 430 votes in favour to 105 against. [LBGT-EU, 24 May] SPUC supporters had lobbied the parliament to reject the resolution [SPUC, 23 May]

SPUC welcomes and supports Muslims Defending Marriage (MDM)

SPUC welcomes and supports a campaign launched by the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) to defend marriage, including opposing the goverment's plans to allow same-sex marriage. The MCB, which is the umbrella body representing Britain’s Muslims, has launched a website called Muslims Defending Marriage (MDM), which includes an online petition and supporting material. SPUC and the MCB share the belief that it is necessary to defend the true meaning of marriage in order to protect the welfare of children. [SPUC, 24 May]

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