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Please respond to consultation on conscientious objection

1 June 2012

The General Medical Council (GMC) has issued new draft guidance for doctors on "Personal beliefs and medical practice".

The draft deals with the important issue of conscientious objection, and it seeks to control how doctors deal with requests for treatments which they do not in conscience provide, which may include abortion, IVF, contraception, the morning-after pill, or euthanasia.

There are serious flaws in the draft and doctor who hold pro-life values could be penalised or prevented from practising medicine as a result.  Please respond to this consultation yourself and/or ask others (especially doctors). This consultation is being conducted online only.

Please visit: and click on "Consultation on Personal beliefs and medical practice". You need to register to contribute but it is free to do so. The deadline for comments is 13 June 2012. (SPUC has published a guideline brief to help you respond to the questions in the consultation.)

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