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Defending life from the moment of conception

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SPUC founder reflects on our 45th anniversary

12 January 2012

45 years ago yesterday (11 January), the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) was established at a meeting in central London. The meeting was held at the Wig and Pen Club in the Strand. Alan Smith, who remains a member of SPUC's executive committee and on its national council, was elected joint honorary secretary of the Society at that meeting in the Strand. Alan said: "It's an important landmark in the pro-life movement of which I'm pleased to be part." [John Smeaton, 11 January]

Hundreds of forcibly-sterilised North Carolina women set to receive $50k compensation

Hundreds of women forcibly sterilised under a now-defunct North Carolina eugenics programme are set to receive US$50,000 each in compensation. The state task-force which determined the sum said it was not seeking to place a value on people's lives. [Mail, 10 January] Such programmes were promoted by Margaret Sanger, the founder of the worldwide abortion movement.

Jersey's health minister against assisted suicide

Anne Pryke, the health minister of the UK island of Jersey, says she will not support the legalisation of assisted suicide. The BBC reported that Mrs Pryke said that life was a privilege and should be protected. Her comments come after a widely-publicised report by a pro-suicide lobbying group. [BBC, 8 January]

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