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SPUC calls for widespread resistance to Irish expert group abortion report

3 December 2012

"Ireland's politicians should be put on notice"

SPUC which was officially represented in the A, B & C case before the European Court of Human Rights, has called for "widespread resistance" to the report published by Ireland's Expert Group on abortion.

SPUC describes the report's recommendations as "unconstitutional" and "a door to mass abortion on a British scale".

John Smeaton, SPUC director, commented: "We call upon all people of good-will in Ireland, including the Catholic bishops, to back an all-out campaign to defeat - not just amend - any options allowing abortion. This will require widespread resistance to be mobilised.

"Ireland's politicians should be put on notice that they will lose their seats at the next election if they vote to legislate for abortion." [SPUC, 27 November]

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