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SPUC defends Northern Ireland politician over abortion controversy

29 August 2012

Jim Wells MLA was recently asked about his opposition to abortion, including in the case of rape

SPUC has defended Jim Wells, a Northern Ireland politician, over his opposition to abortion in all circumstances, including after rape.

In a letter to the Belfast Telegraph, Liam Gibson, SPUC's Northern Ireland development officer, wrote: "Attacks on Jim Wells MLA for defending unborn children ignore the reality of abortion ... Rape is traumatic, but to argue that aborting a child conceived through rape undoes that trauma ignores that abortion, too, is an act of violence.

"Of 200,000 babies aborted in Britain annually, less than 1% are conceived through rape ... today, SPUC is proud to work with Jim Wells and other politicians who believe a child's right to exist does not depend on the circumstances of his, or her, conception." [Belfast Telegraph, 29 August]

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