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Defending life from the moment of conception

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US group to fund abortion training for British medical students

16 April 2012

An American pro-abortion group is to fund placements at British abortion centres for British medical students. The placements, funded by Medical Students For Choice (MSFC) will last for two weeks. Anthony Ozimic of SPUC told The Guardian newspaper: "This reflects the desperation of the abortion industry to recruit enough interest among medical students. It's been the case for many years that there have been fewer and fewer students and doctors willing to be involved. That's partly due to an increased awareness of the unethical nature of abortion." [Guardian, 6 April]

UK clinic to offer ovarian tissue freezing for first time in UK

A London clinic plans to offer ovarian tissue freezing for the first time in the UK. The procedure involves removing part of one ovary, freezing it and then re-implanting it at a later date. It is being proposed for both medical and social reasons. [Telegraph, 16 April] Pro-life commentators have objected to procedure as contrary to nature.

Huge increase in assisted suicide cases in Oregon and Switzerland

There has been a huge increase in assisted suicide in Oregon and Switzerland, says a UK doctor. Peter Saunders, head of the Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF), said that the latest figures suggest that since 1998 assisted suicides have risen by 450% in Oregon and by 700% in Switzerland. Dr Saunders argues that such increases are an inevitable result of legal approval of assisted suicide. [Peter Saunders, 15 April]

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