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Defending life from the moment of conception

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9 March 2012

9 March 2012

9 March 2012 Top stories: Ambassadors walk-out of UN meeting over new sexual rights agenda A large group of ambassadors have walked out of a United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council discussion in Geneva, Switzerland, in protest at a concerted attempt to create new sexual rights. The panel chosen for the discussion was unanimous in its support for expanding universally-accepted human rights norms to include the novel concepts of 'sexual orientation' and 'gender identity'. Pat Buckley, who represented SPUC at the meeting, reported: "The ambassadors of the Arab Group and of the Organisation of Islamic States (OIC) walked out once the discussion began. Delegates chosen by the Arab Group and the OIC also walked out after delivering strongly-worded statements." SPUC upholds the family based on natural (i.e. heterosexual) marriage because of its protective effect for both unborn and born children. [SPUC, 8 March ] Fantastic SPUC youth conference paused in silence to remember Tony Bland RIP The 5th International Youth Pro-Life Conference , organised by SPUC and held in Rotherham, south Yorkshire, was a massive success for the future of the pro-life cause. 140 delegates grew in their knowledge and love of the sanctity of human life and the dignity of the family. On Saturday morning the delegates observed two minutes' silence for Tony Bland who, 19 years ago to the day, was starved and dehydrated to death following a court ruling. [John Smeaton, 5 March ] Other stories: Abortion * Spain announces plans to tighten abortion laws [Telegraph, 9 March ] * Pregnant mother offered £2,000 to abort baby with Down's Syndrome [ParentDish, 8 March ] * Abortion is the ultimate weapon against women, pro-life feminist Fiorella Nash tells SPUC youth [John Smeaton, 7 March ] * SPUC's comment on the 'after-birth abortion' paper [John Smeaton, 1 March ] Embryology * Adult stem cells beat kidney rejection, claim US scientists [BBC, 8 March ] * Adult stem cells may treat glaucoma, claim UK scientists [BBC, 7 March ] Euthanasia * UK woman left to die by hospital, rules coroner [Islington Tribune, 9 March ] Sexual ethics * More than half all births in Scotland to umarried couples for first time, statistics show [Daily Record, 9 March ] General * Fr Andrew Pinsent helps pro-life youth uphold human dignity [John Smeaton, 6 March ] * The sun is shining for the young pro-life movement in Britain [John Smeaton, 2 March ] Older stories: * Statement by Glasgow midwives after abortion judgment [SPUC, 29 February ] * SPUC's Paul Tully speaks to Premier Christian Radio about Glasgow midwives abortion judgment [Premier Christian Radio, 29 February ] * UK pro-abortion lobby: "sex selective abortion is not gender discrimination", "travesty" that doctor suspended [Reproductive Health Matters, 28 February ] * "[P]ro-choicers flailing with their responses" to sex-selective abortion scandal, says leading left-wing blog [Liberal Conspiracy, 25 February ] * Founder-director of Calthorpe Clinic at centre of sex-selective abortion  scandal is veteran eugenicist [The Bones, 24 February ] * Ex-BPAS medical director: Sex-selection abortion is "widespread" in UK, “happens in all communities” in UK [Telegraph, 24 February ] * Major UK&int'l veteran pro-abortion leader defends sex-selective abortion [Marge Berer, 24 February ] * Newcastle embryologist claim new technique lifts IVF success-rates [Telegraph, 1 March ] * Grandmother, 75 'left to die of thirst' after nurses refused to give her enough to drink [Mail, 1 March ] * Ageing Scotland faces population time bomb [Scotsman, 1 March ] * UK lesbian activist says: abolish marriage, replace it with civil partnerships both 'gay' and 'straight' [Guardian, 27 February ] * Fall in teen pregnancies welcome but not due to contraception, says SPUC [SPUC, 28 February ] * SPUC works to build int'l  pro-life cooperation [John Smeaton, 27 February ]

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