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Defending life
from conception to natural death


SPUC comments on Dorries abortion debate

12 September 2011

SPUC said the defeat of Nadine Dorries’ amendments in Parliament was a relief. SPUC had expressed serious reservations about the amendments, especially in light of Mrs Dorries’ previous attacks on pro-life counselling organisations, services which have done so much over the past 40 years to help women. The amendment was defeated by 368 votes to 118. [SPUC, 7 September] Paul Tully, SPUC's general secretary, has written an in-depth explanation of what was wrong with Nadine Dorries's pregnancy counselling proposal [John Smeaton, 9 September]

Alison Davis's powerful response to euthanasia campaigner Tony Nicklinson

Alison Davis, the coordinator of No Less Human, a group within SPUC representing disabled people, has written a powerful response to a BBC interview with Tony Nicklinson, a paralysed Englishman campaigning for a so-called 'right to die'. Mrs Davis said: "From my own personal perspective, what stands out most from this interview is Mr Nicklinson's opinion that his situation 'causes anguish the pro-life campaigners could not possibly understand'. One has to assume that he has not the slightest idea of who 'pro-life campaigners' are, and what they may have personally experienced." [John Smeaton, 8 September]

Head of UN women's agency calls for so-called 'family planning' to deal with so-called 'over-population'

Michelle Bachelet, the head of UN Women, has called for so-called 'family planning' to be promoted in order to deal with a supposed global over-population crisis. Mrs Bachelet said: "When we are 9, 10 billion people, what are we going to do? Go to Mars? Go to the moon?" [Global Post, 8 September] In contrast, pro-life demographers have argued that the world is increasingly under-populated.

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