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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Wakefield public meeting to hear parents' worries about explicit sex education

3 October 2011

A public meeting will be held tomorrow (4 October) evening in Wakefield to hear parents' worries about explicit sex education programmes in primary schools. Antonia Tully, coordinator of Safe at School, SPUC's nationwide campaign for parents concerned about explicit sex education, has been invited to Wakefield to explain how graphic sex education is priming young children for teenage sex. [SPUC, 30 September]

Chinese mother-of-four wins right to appeal UK deportation order

A Chinese mother of four children has won the right to appeal against a decision to deport her from the UK back to Communist China. Xiu Fang Zhang, 34, came to Britain in 2003. She fears that her children will be taken away from her by the Communist authorities if she is deported to China. [Mail, 3 October]

UK writer killed himself with euthanasia kit

A British man killed himself with a euthanasia kit bought on the internet, a coroner's inquest has found. Jack Semmens, 73, ordered the kit from the United States. Mr Semmens left notes saying: "£10,000 to Dignitas? I don’t think so", "So many people live far too long" and "Tired of life". [Sunday Sun, 2 October]

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