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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Real crisis in Europe is not enough children say experts

1 November 2011

Pro-life experts are warning that the real crisis in Europe is not enough children. Their warning comes as population control advocates lament the birth of the 7 billionth person. Anthony Ozimic of SPUC commented: "What must convince people that they need to be thinking about their children’s generation, their grandchildren’s generation and into the centuries that follow." [, 31 October]

More than half of UK women using contraception use it inconsistently, suggests study

A new study has suggested that 57% of all UK women using contraception use it inconsistently. Many of the women surveyed said that they forget to take the pill. [PA via Yahoo!, 31 October] John Smeaton of SPUC commented: "The ineffectiveness of contraceptive practice in real-world conditions results in unplanned pregnancies and leads in turn to more abortions. Morally, medically and practically, contraception is a pillar of the culture of death."

Judge to rule on US man's feeding tube fight between mother and his wife

A US judge is due to rule on whether a disabled man's feeding tube should be removed. Daniel Sanger was left disabled after a heart attack. Lena Sanger, his wife, wants the tube removed, while his brother and mother want it retained. [Mail, 1 November]

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