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New evidence may confirm that abortionist was Jack the Ripper

3 November 2011

New evidence has emerged which may identify an abortionist as Jack the Ripper, the notorious serial killer of women in Victorian London. A knife and samples of uterine tissue belonging to Sir John Williams, a famous surgeon who performed abortions, have been discovered by one of his relatives. Sir John was recorded to have had performed an abortion on one of the Ripper's victims. [Telegraph, 3 November]

40% of Austrians oppose IVF for single women and lesbians couples

40% of Austrians oppose IVF for single women and lesbians couples, suggests a new survey. The survey follows proposals by Alois Stöger, Austria's health minister. In August Mr Stöger had also proposed an expansion of abortion services. [Austrian Times, 2 November]

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