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Defending life
from conception to natural death


UK woman acted as surrogate mother to sister's child

27 July 2011

A British woman has acted as a surrogate mother to her sister's child. Samantha Lewin gave birth to a girl conceived using her sister Amanda Gudz's egg and Mrs Gudz's husband's sperm. Another sister later paid for a second pregnancy for Mrs Gudz using frozen embryos. [Mirror, 27 July] Anthony Ozimic of SPUC commented: "The full details of this case are worth reading. It shows how IVF kills embryonic children and debases procreation into mere reproduction."

Former locked-in patient now campaigns against euthanasia

A woman who recovered from locked-in syndrome is now campaigning against euthanasia. Nikki Kenward, of the group Distant Voices, is campaigning to save a woman threatened with court-approved denial of assisted food and fluids. Mrs Kenward argues that the life of every disabled person is worth living. [Daily Mail, 27 July]

Generation of young UK women putting off motherhood due to money worries

A new survey suggests that 42% of British women under 30 are delaying motherhood due to concerns about personal finances. The survey, backed by an insurance company, also found that 29% of British women over 30 were also delaying motherhood for the same reason. Julian Brazier MP said that high property prices was a factor. [Daily Mail, 27 July]

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