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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Contact your MP today re this Friday's sex ed bill

10 February 2011

Contact your MP today re this Friday's sex ed bill

Chris Bryant’s private member’s bill to make sex and relationships education (SRE) compulsory in all schools is due for second reading this Friday, 11 February. SPUC has produced a detailed briefing on the Bryant bill. Although the bill is unlikely to make further progress due to procedural reasons, if you know that your member of parliament (MP) is sympathetic to pro-life concerns, please contact him or her and ask them to be available to speak and vote against the bill. You can contact your MP via the SPUC website at Please remember to forward any replies you receive from MPs to SPUC HQ

Please support pro-life vigil in Maidstone on 16 February

The Helpers of God's Precious Infants, an international pro-life group founded by Monsignor Philip Reilly, will be holding a vigil on Wednesday 16 February at the Marie Stopes abortion facility, Brewer Street, Maidstone, Kent ME14 1RV. The Helpers ask those unable to join the procession to join them spiritually. More details can be found on the blog of John Smeaton, SPUC director

Chinese president denies existence of forced abortion policy

During a recent state visit to the United States, Hu Jintao, the Chinese president, denied the existence of a forced abortion policy. Steven Mosher, an expert on the one-child policy and president of the Population Research Institute (PRI), described Mr Hu's denial as a "bald-faced lie". SPUC is calling upon UK pro-lifers to protest to the Chinese embassy in London. [John Smeaton, 5 February]

Other stories:

Study by UK professor suggests ultrasound scans in India fuel unprecented levels of sex-selective abortions [University of Bristol, 10 February]

UK woman refuses doctors' advice to abort her child, then beats cancer [Express, 10 February 2011]

American bill to cut tax funded abortions begins in Congress [Earth Times, 9 February]

US Catholic bishops back moves to cut abortion funding [Earth Times, 9 February]

American politicians criticised for trying to stop state money being spent on aborting the world's poor [Guardian, 9 February]

American medical students association criticises plans to cut tax funds for abortion [, 9 February]

South Korea Catholic Church offers free delivery, shelter and financial support for single mothers [, 9 February]

Portugal’s abortion problem worse than ever after four years of decriminalization, pro-lifers say [, 9 February]

Abortionist charged with infanticide reportedly made US$1.8 million from illegal operations [Daily Mail, 8 February]

Expectant mother accidentally given abortion pill by pharmacist faces losing her baby [Daily Mail, 8 February]

UK fashion PR pleased to have rejected doctor's advice to abort baby due to breast cancer [Daily Mail, 8 February]

Lila Rose, president of Live Action, dismisses abortion provider's plans to retrain staff after exposure of criminal activity [Christian Post, 8 February]

Abortion provider announces plans to retrain staff after pro-life group expose criminal offences [Guardian, 8 February]

Parents delighted they kept disabled baby doctors said had no chance [Wales Online, 6 February]

Pro-life demonstration against Irish Labour party threat to introduce abortion [Pat Buckley, 7 February]

Ex-abortion centre director, now pro-life, appeals to former colleagues [Love Undefiled, 6 February]

Senior neonatologist brands official RCOG report on fetal awareness as ‘Emperor’s new clothes’ in leading journal editorial [Peter Saunders, 5 February]

High court reserves judgment in 'bedroom abortion' case [SPUC, 4 February]

Abortion provider filmed advising 'pimp' on sex trafficking and secret under-age abortions [Big Government, 1 February]

British soap opera highlights the distressing process involved in abortion [What's on TV, 31 January] [Watch it on iPlayer] []

New poll finds majority of Brazilian congressmen oppose abortion [CNA, 31 January]

Canadian university upholds ban on pro-life group [, 31 January]

US politician introduces bill to cut tax funding of most abortions [New York Times, 29 January]

Major problems with Danish abortion-mental health study [, 27 January]

Proposal to change abortion law in Norway [Foreigner, 27 January]

American Idol contestant rejected medical advice to abort daughter [, 27 January]

Study shows free morning-after pills has not reduced teenage pregnancies and has increased sexually transmitted diseases [Telegraph, 30 January]

Pharmaceutical organisation criticises new study linking morning-after pills and sexually transmitted diseases [, 31 January]

British mother whose baby survived abortion speaks of the love of her child [, 30 January]

American state passes bill to prevent tax funding of abortion [, 31 January]

American state prepares bills to hinder work of pro-life pregnancy centres [RH Reality Check, 25 January]

Practitioner loses license, killed woman in failed abortion [, 26 January]

American pro-life politicians vow to stop federal funding for abortion [, 26 January]

Study claims abortion doesn't risk causing mental health problems, but that having a child does [Guardian, 27 January]

Catholic monks draw criticism for praying outside Irish abortion clinic [Limerick Leader, 26 January]

Former pro-abortion scientist fights human-embryo experimentation and destruction in court [naturenews, 9 February]

'Genetically engineered' baby born in France [Earth Times, 8 February]

Health authorities warned not to cut IVF treatment [Telegraph, 7 February]

British ethicist defends sex-selective embryo destruction [Guardian, 7 February]

Media celebrates birth of first UK baby born through IVF technique that employs more thorough genetic screening [Telegraph, 2 February]

Babies can be treated With adult stem cells even in the womb says US scientist [, 2 February]

British Heart Foundation launches £50 million stem cell research project [Reuters via Yahoo!, 1 February]

Adult stem cells used to treat arthritis [Earth Times, 26 January]

New US forum gives voice to the grown children of anonymous donors [, 26 January]

New book critiques artificial creation of human life [The Scotsman, 25 January]

GP who said he twice helped patients to die will not face new murder charges [Daily Mail, 10 February]

British critics laud TV film that glorifies discredited euthanasia doctor [, 6 February]

No ‘moral certainty’ that brain death is really death, says ethics professor [, 4 February]

Debate among Israeli rabbis over organ removal [Reuters via Yahoo, 4 February]

Legalising assisted suicide would make the elderly even more exposed to abuse [John Smeaton, 2 February]

Scottish patients given sedative used for American death row prisoners [, 1 February]

Woman recounts doctor tempting husband to agree to assisted suicide [Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, 1 February]

Danger of euthanasia legislation in Australian state of Tasmania [Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, 31 January]

Dutch euthanasia lobby to set up Dignitas-style centre [Wesley Smith, 28 January]

Euthanasia documentary wins major film award [Yahoo! News, 30 January]

New statistics reveal hundreds of elderly UK patients have died of dehydration in the past five years [Morning Star, 31 January]

French Senate rejection of assisted suicide and euthanasia welcome [SPUC, 26 January]

UK pensioner who killed his wife is released from prison sentence [Independent, 26 January]

Researchers call for more flexible approach to advance directives and treatment of patients [medilexicon, 26 January]

Abortion is the euthanasia lobby’s road-map [John Smeaton, 26 January]

French pro-lifers stage protest outside Senate [, 25 January]

Belgian doctors harvest high quality organs from euthanased patients [, 24 January]

Secret video released of lawyer imprisoned for opposing China's one-child policy [Guardian, 10 February]

Philippines bishops rally Catholics against 'reproductive health' bill [CNA, 8 February]

Rise in Chinese divorces linked with one-child policy [Independent, 7 February]

UN concerned by world population growth trends [BBC, 3 February]

Rwanda in vasectomy drive to stem population growth [BBC, 3 February]

Investor warns one-child policy threatening China's economic future [Money Marketing, 1 February]

Italy celebrates annual 'Day for Life' promoted by nation’s bishops [EWTN, 7 February]

Parents pay tribute to murdered daughter and her unborn child [Oxford Times, 8 February]

US Catholic nurses seeing rise in threats to consciences, association reports [CNA, 7 February]

Twin babies survive despite sharing one placenta [, 7 February]

British pop artist addresses their unborn child in new album [, 7 February]

Hundreds of young pro-lifers hike, rally for life [CNA, 6 February]

Unborn baby gives reassuring thumbs up in the womb [Daily Mail, 6 February]

Babies are born with the capacity to tell right from wrong, writes Irish pro-life professor [Irish Times, 3 February]

Experts call for prosecution of NHS staff after UK patients are left without food, medication or water [Yahoo! News, 1 February]

British Medical Journal calls for better reporting of IVF related deaths [BioNews, 31 January]

Doctors remove UK woman's fallopian tubes without consent [Liverpool Echo, 27 January]

Top Jewish Rabbi says organ-donor cards are not permissible under Jewish law [Irish Times, 27 January]

UK woman demands justice over removal of her reproductive organs [, 27 January]

Pro-life youth should book now for this year's International Youth Pro-Life Conference [SPUC, 27 January]

New study suggest sexually transmitted infection could be linked to ectopic pregnancies [The Journal, 26 January]

Welsh assembly urge women to have healthier pregnancies [, 26 January]

Womb surgery saves life of baby doctors gave little chance [, 26 January]

Vincent Cronin, champion of family values, dies [Telegraph, 26 January]

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