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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Young British Christian adults much more concerned about pro-life issues than elderly Christians

23 August 2011

Young British Christians are much more concerned about pro-life issues than elderly Christians, suggests a new poll. Two out of three Christians aged 18-34 surveyed said abortion and euthanasia were very important issues, compared to one in three Christians aged over 65. [Inspire Magazine, 23 August] John Smeaton, SPUC director, commented: "This is encouraging news for the defence of the sanctity of human life. It shows that the pro-life movement has a promising future."

English coroners turning a blind eye to assisted suicide, claims report

Coroners in England are turning a blind eye to suspected cases of assisted suicide, claims a new report. Two coroners (one retired) interviewed by Demos, a think-tank, said they avoided looking too closely into such cases in order to spare families problems. [Telegraph, 23 August] Demos is hosting a fake commission into assisted suicide on behalf of the euthanasia lobby.

UK IVF lottery suspended pending watchdog review

A lottery in which couples can win IVF treatment has been suspended pending a review by the Charity Commission. Entrants paid £20 for a ticket to win £25,000 worth of treatment. [Express, 21 August] SPUC's Anthony McCarthy has criticised the lottery as trivialising human life and procreation.

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