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Defending life
from conception to natural death


UK equality legislation used to defend conscientious objection to abortion

15 August 2011

Catholic legal centre has used equalities legislation to uphold conscientious objection to abortion. The Thomas More Legal Centre helped two nurses whose hospital management told them that they had no choice but to participate in abortion. John Smeaton, SPUC director, congratulated the centre on making the hospital management back down. [John Smeaton, 13 August]

IVF centres blunders treble in three years

Mistakes at UK IVF centres have trebled in the last three years, according to official statistics. 564 mistakes have occurred since 2007, involving sperm injections, embryo destructions and implantations. A failure by regulators to uphold standards at IVF centres is suspected. [Mail, 13 August]

Israeli court grants permission for harvesting of dead girl's eggs

A court in Israel has granted permission for the family of a dead girl to harvest her eggs. The judge made the decision after determining that there had been proof that the teenager had wanted children. US ethicists raised concerns about what may be the first such case in the world. [Mail, 12 August]

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