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Defending life from the moment of conception

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5 October 2011

5 October 2011

5 October 2011 Top stories: Baby doctors said should be aborted takes first steps A British baby girl whom doctors had advised be aborted has taken her first steps. Charlie Marie-Skinner was diagnosed in the womb with a large tumour on her heart. Doctors advised her mother to have an abortion but the advice was firmly refused. [Telegraph, 4 October ] Pro-life fundraising ball to be held in London, 19 November The annual Good Counsel Network ball will be held in London on 19 November. The network helps women in crisis pregnancies. The ball is a major fundraiser for the network. [Maria Stops Abortion, 28 September ] Argentinian lawmakers sign pledge in defense of life and family Legislators from across Argentina have signed a pledge against abortion and euthanasia and in defence of the family. The signing ceremony was attended by senior Catholic Church officials. Archbishop Alfredo Horacio Zecca said that abortion entails the "radical exclusion of others". [CNA, 28 September ] Other stories: Abortion * US abortion clinic shut down [, 3 October ] * Video interview with mother of aborted child of US rock singer [, 3 October ] Population * New Video: 7 billion people on Earth is not overpopulation [, 4 October ] * South Korea stares down demographic dilemma [Reuters, 3 October ] Sexual ethics * HIV could spread if birth control injections increase, warn scientists [Guardian, 5 October ] * UK passports to allow option of listing same-sex parents [Mail, 3 October ] General * 1,200 US colleges and schools sign up for pro-life day of silence [, 3 October ]

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