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Defending life from the moment of conception

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22 March 2011

22 March 2011

22 March 2011 Abortion * Pregnant women taught to sing to their unborn babies at London hospital [Telegraph, 22 March ] * US company to use stem cells from aborted babies in clinical trial [BioNews, 21 March ] * Planned Parenthod stats show abortions numbers rise in parallel with more government funding [NRLC, 18 March ] Embryology * Adult stem cell transplants may treat agressive multiple sclerosis [WedMD, 21 March ] Euthanasia * The Beach Boys will lead fundraising concert for anti-euthanasia group [, 22 March ] * National Patient Safety Agency issues new guidelines on feeding tubes [Nursing in Practice, 22 March ] * US doctors perform surgery on terminally-ill toddler after Canadian doctors refused to operate [Daily Mail, 22 March ] Sexual ethics * Lesbian couple open UK's first fertility clinic aimed only at same-sex couples [Daily Mail, 22 March ] * MP calls for parental opt-in system for sex education [Northampton Chronicle&Echo, 22 March ] * Scottish Catholic bishop challenges UK PM to state whether he believes Christian sexual morality is bigotry [Iona Institute, 22 March ] * Vatican addresses UN debate on sexual orientation [Vatican Radio, 22 March ] * Eminent Catholic professor fears downward spiral from out-of-wedlock births [National Catholic Register, 18 March ] * UK university conducts survey into religious students' attitudes to sex [Guardian, 22 March ] * UK MP calls for sex ed material to be age-classified to protect children [Goule Courier, 21 March ] * 1,000 people attend Mass of reparation after Madrid chapel desecrated by lesbians [CNA, 21 March ] General * Pro-family honour for Edmund Adamus, Westminster archdiocese pastoral affairs director [Zenit, 21 March ] * Part I of interview with Lord Nicholas Windsor, pro-life British royal [, 21 March ]

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