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Defending life from the moment of conception

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8 July 2011

8 July 2011

8 July 2011 Abortion * So-called therapeutic abortion seeks to create eugenic utopia says Vatican writer [, 7 July ] Embryology * UK woman turned down for IVF as partner already has son [Daily Mail, 8 July ] * Sperm donor anonymity rule leads to patient delays claim experts [Telegraph, 7 July ] * Surgeons transplant first synthetic windpipe, coated with adult stem cells [BBC, 7 July ] * Germany approves genetic testing of human embryos [Reuters, 7 July ] * Embryos heal themselves in 1st days of existence, suggests study [HLI America, 6 July ] * SPUC's Anthony McCarthy interviewed about world's 1st IVF lottery (audio, interview starts at 30mins) [BBC Newcastle, 6 July ] Population * US Catholic bishops call on Congress to stop funding population control agencies [, 7 July ] Sexual ethics * Vatican diplomat says UN gay rights agenda endangers Church's freedom [CNA, 8 July ] * Irish newspaper's special investigation into teen sex [Irish Examiner, 8 July ] * UK teacher suspended for showing science pupils video of animal semen being collected [TES, 8 July ] * Parents furious as schools minister gives green light to explicit sex ed in science lessons [SPUC, 7 July ] * Schools in Derby, UK urged to rule out sex ed for primary pupils [This is Derbyshire, 7 July ] * Pro-life groups object to US ambassador's promotion of gay rights [CNA, 7 July ] * Opposition to gay rights push in Peruvian capital [CNA, 7 July ] * California legislature passes draconian pro-gay sex ed bill [, 6 July ] * Lesbian teen activist says Ontario Catholic bishops’ approval of gay clubs encouraged her activism [, 6 July ] * Toronto Catholic school board superintendent under fire for dubious comments on gay issue [, 6 July ] General * Group of adults with learning disabilities banned from UK holiday camp [Daily Mail, 8 July ] * 61,000 sign petition to Obama demanding better conscience protections for health workers [, 7 July ]

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