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Defending life from the moment of conception

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20 July 2011

20 July 2011

20 July 2011 Abortion * SPUC's Anthony McCarthy responds to a survey of medical students' abortion objections [John Smeaton, 19 July ] * Complete ban on abortion in Poland would comply with international law says expert [Pat Buckley, 19 July ] * Ex-husband of UK princess urged mistress to have abortion, claims tabloid [Daily Mail, 19 July ] * Crackdown on hundreds of Indian ultrasound and abortion centers involved in sex-selection abortion [Jill Stanek, 18 July ] Embryology * Hong Kong IVF clinic aborts babies after implanting them in wrong woman [, 19 July ] * Israeli scientists claim breakthrough in diabetes research using non-embryo stem cells [, 18 July ] Euthanasia * NHS and councils to investigate negligent care of elderly [Telegraph, 20 July ] Population * UK government defends support for pro-abortion population control agency [House of Lords, 19 July ] Sexual ethics * Contraceptive pills may reduce women's bone density [News Medical, 20 July ] * Ex-priest, gay rights advocate made head of Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission [Protect the Pope, 19 July ] * Irish women skimping on contraception due to recession, claims clinic [Irish Examiner, 19 July ] * Canadian study finds that parents are teens' sexual role models [International Business Times, 19 July ] * New series of UK TV sex ed show "makes for squirm-inducing viewing" [Metro, 19 July ] * US Catholic bishops' pro-life chairman opposes contraception in private health plans [Virtualization, 19 July ] * US Catholic archbishop speaks out against state push for gay marriage [, 19 July ] * UK government says all abortion providers must offer contraception [House of Lords, 18 July ] * British island promotes condom use among young men [BBC, 18 July ] * UK local officials urge teenage girls to carry condoms [Leicestershire County Council, 18 July ] * More schools in Derby, UK, offering morning-after pills and condoms [This is Derbyshire, 18 July ] * Mexican protestors call for removal of pro-gay Catholic bishop [CNA, 18 July ] * US porn awareness campaign exposes devastating effects on children [, 18 July ] * New York marriage officer quits over gay marriage [, 15 July ]

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