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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Pro-life leader criticises UK professor's support for coercive sterilisation

8 September 2010

Msgr Ignatio Barreiro-Carambula, interim head of Human Life International, has criticised calls for Britain's unfit to be forcibly sterilised. Professor David Marsland recently told the BBC that child abuse could be solved by permanently sterilising a small minority of parents with chronic mental illness, drug addiction or alcoholism. Msgr Barreiro said that only a corrupt person could make such evil sound reasonable. He also warned that people such as Professor David Marsland were not on the fringes of society, but part of the 'progressive' intellectual academy. [CNA, 3 September]

Support 40 days for life in the UK

40 days for life, an international pro-life campaign, is being launched in central London. 40 days for life consists of 40 days of prayer and fasting and peaceful vigil outside an abortion facility. The campaign is being launched in London on 22nd September outside Marie Stopes International, Whitfield Street. John Smeaton, national director of SPUC, urges all concerned for the plight of unborn children to support this event. [John Smeaton, 3 September]

Mother speaks out against council over forced contraception bid on daughter

A mother of a woman whom British social services were attempting to force to take contraception has spoken out to the Daily Telegraph. The local council began court proceedings against a thirty year old woman, known only as Mrs A, hoping to secure a court order to force her to use contraception. The council told the court that because of Mrs A's low mental capacity she was unable to understand the consequences of not using contraception. Mr Justice Bodey said he could not sanction the use of forcible contraception by the state. The mother of Mrs A said that social services should be supporting, not attacking her daughter. [Telegraph, 20 August]

Other stories:

Nigerian archbishop praises strong Catholic teaching against abortion [Guardian, 5 September]

Three Catholic hospitals in Spain reported to be distributing abortion pill [CNA, 3 September]

American Catholic archbishop to bless grave for aborted children [, 3 September]

American abortionist has his license suspended [, 3 September]

Fall in number of abortions in Croatia [, 31 August]

93% of El Salvadoreans oppose abortion [, 1 September]

American abortion activists attempting to force Catholics to participate in abortions [Christian Institute, 27 August]

Woman born to rape victim tells her story [Robert Colquhoun, 30 August]

Teenage YouTube sensation defends humanity of the unborn [Bryan Kemper, 31 August]

UK pro-life group advertise real help for women on transport service [Good Counsel Network, 30 August]

Many lives saved during July outside London abortuaries [Good Counsel Network, 31 August]

Argentinean Catholic bishop says abortion is murder [CNA, 1 September]

New study reveals psychological harm caused by abortion [Pro Life Alliance, 1 September]

Aborted child's tissue to be used in stem cell transplant [Daily Mail, 22 August] Anthony Ozimic of SPUC quoted.

Rise in abortions partly attributed to young women's drinking [Daily Mail, 21 August]

US Cardinal calls for support for bill to stop taxpayer funding of abortion [Catholic Key Blog, 20 August]

Brazilian presidential candidate says abortion should be available to women in despair [CNA, 20 August]

Argentinean professors reject university’s position on abortion [CNA, 19 August]

Pro-life leader says Estonia being ripped apart by abortion [, 19 August]

US state passes law requiring 24-hour waiting period before abortion [NRLC, 19 August]

Twins whose mother refused chemotherapy in pregnancy start school [BBC, 18 August]

Medical journal confirms abortion associated with increased premature birth [, 18 August]

Academic argues ageing global population will damage prospects for economic recovery [Big Questions Online, 17 August]

Catholic university to host speech from pro-abortion President Obama  [, 17 August]

Americans, women say in poll: abortion is morally wrong, too easy to obtain [, 16 August]

US approves abortion drug under guise of morning-after pill [Mail on Sunday, 15 August]

Russian employer threatens to sack women who've had abortions [BBC, 12 August]

American archdiocese starts post-abortion ministry for men [St Louis Review, 11 August]

American politician promises government funding for embryo destroying research within a month [CNA, 4 September]

Researchers study reasons why older women have fertility problems [Daily Mail, 3 September]

European Catholic bishops say new animal directive is dangerous for human embryos [John Smeaton, 1 September]

US government attempt to force Americans to pay for human embryo experimentation [, 31 August]

Feature article about embryo donation in UK [Telegraph, 23 August]

Embryology authority considering big increase in payments to gamete donors [Daily Mail, 23 August]

BBC presenter who claimed he assisted suicide charged with wasting police time [BBC, 20 August]

Terminally ill doctor survived suicide pact which killed wife [Daily Mail, 19 August]

Claim that blood cells created from embryonic stem cells [Independent, 16 August]

Adult stem cells treat kids with deadly skin disease [FRC, 12 August]

Euthanasia adverts launched in Australia [Brisbane Times, 7 September]

World suicide prevention day undermined by widespread euthanasia [Wesley Smith, 6 September]

Canadian pro-life leader saves man from euthanasia [, 3 September]

Mexican groups protest early release of women convicted of infanticide [, 3 September]

Humanist group pushes for law reform as two people arrested on suspicion of assisting suicide [, 2 September]

Scottish parliament to begin debate on euthanasia bill [The Firm, 31 August]

Report shows palliative care budget not being spent on elderly patients [Pro Life Alliance, 1 September]

Assisted suicide lobby leader calls for assisted suicide for those who are not terminally ill [Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, 17 August]

Obituary of Nazi doctor [Independent, 17 August]

UK MEP calls on coalition government to legalise assisted suicide and prostitution [Mirror, 16 August]

Gunman was outraged by TV station's promotion of population growth [Scotsman, 3 September]

Cardinal says Italian society being seriously mutilated by negative fertility rates [, 1 September]

New statistics show China is rapidly ageing thanks to family planning policies [Yonhap News Agency, 1 September]

Experts question Europe's chances of reversing population decline [Inside Catholic, 19 August]

Australian bishop and former SPUC president criticises anti-population environmentalists [Catholic diocese of Parramatta, 18 August]

American Catholic archbishop says abortion is the crucial issue of our age [, 1 September]

Catholic archbishop of Guam tells voters to avoid voting for candidates who support anti-life laws [Pacific News Center, 31 August]

Canadian cardinal thanks pro-life group as he moves from archdiocese to Vatican post [, 20 August]

Pro-life pharmacist writes about conscientious objection with pharmacy [, 20 August]

Chilean bishop urges defense of life in order to end culture of death [CNA, 16 August]

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