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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Pro-abortion Roussef wins Brazil presidential election

2 November 2010

Dilma Roussef, the pro-abortion politician, has won the presidential election in Brazil. During the election campaign a group of Catholic bishops in Brazil had urged voters not to elect Mrs Roussef. In an address to Brazilian bishops, Pope Benedict said that the right to life of the unborn preceded to all other rights. [Catholic Culture, 1 November]

IVF has become an exploitative industry

A mother has argued that IVF has become an exploitative industry. Charlotte Metcalf, who conceived naturally aged 45, highlighted the massive failure rate of IVF and its related emotional cost to women. Mrs Metcalf also highlighted the high monetary cost of IVF. [Daily Mail, 30 October]

Legion of Honour award for anti-euthanasia campaigner

France has awarded its highest honour to a disabled woman who opposes euthanasia. Maryannick Pavageau, who recovered from locked-in syndrome after a stroke, was awarded the Legion of Honour for her many years of campaigning for the rights of the disabled. Mrs Pavageau argues that disabled people who request for euthanasia are actually in need of love. [MercatorNet, 2 November]

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