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Defending life
from conception to natural death


President Obama nominates pro-abortion candidate for the Supreme Court

17 May 2010

US pro-life advocates have criticized President Barack Obama’s nomination of Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court. Kagan has a history of criticizing both a Supreme Court ruling that allows for the restriction of funding to abortion providers and has also criticized pro-life crisis pregnancy centers. [EWTN, 10 May]

Britain unofficially endorses a one-child policy

Colin Brazier of Sky News has said that on current trends one-child families will be Britain’s dominant family unit by 2020. Mr Brazier said that a new attitude had emerged in Britain that anything other than a one child family is counter-cultural. Mr Brazier commented that "it is as if the only-child represents a new gold standard of best practice. Everything else is potentially deviant". [Sky News, 10 May] Mr Brazier is a patron of an association of large families.

Other stories:

Pope condemns abortion during visit to Portugal. [Catholic News Agency, 13 May]

Aborted baby cries before cremation. [Pat Buckley, 16 May]

Premiere of film exposing abortion industry delayed by pro-abortion activists. [, 10 May]

British Asians choose sex selective abortion. [Mail Online, 11 May]

Canadian youth to walk for 12 weeks for unborn. [, 12 May]

US Catholic bishop reveals social worker wanted him aborted. [, 12 May]

Kenyan Catholic bishops say new constitution legalizes abortion on demand. [Catholic News Agency, 13 May]

Colombian doctor suspended for refusing to perform abortion. [Catholic News Agency, 12 May]

Canadian bishop says abortion simply wrong. [Yahoo News, 12 May]

Sex will not be used to have babies in just 10 years, as couples turn to IVF. [Daily Mail, 17 May]

Rome symposium will celebrate 20 years of killing imperfect human beings. [John Smeaton, 15 May]

Deafness cure breakthrough as scientists create tiny ear hairs from stem cells. [Daily Mail, 14 May]

New end-of-life policy proposed in Scotland. [Scottish Sun, 17 May]

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