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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Plenty of chances and dangers in the new UK Parliament

10 May 2010

Last week’s UK general election presents both dangers and opportunities for the pro-life movement, according to John Smeaton, SPUC director. Several anti-life MPs lost their seats and several pro-life candidates were elected. Mr Smeaton said that the most immediate concern for SPUC in this new parliament is to protect children from the pro-abortion ideology which lies behind plans to make sex and relationships education compulsory in England from the age of five. SPUC is therefore launching a parents’ right to know campaign and will be organizing regional seminars for head-teachers and for parents on the threat posed by the draft guidance on sex and relationships education published earlier this year by the Department of Children, Schools and Families. [John Smeaton, 7 May]

Study suggests babies develop moral code by six months after birth

The Daily Mail has reported on a new study, which suggests that babies develop the knowledge of the difference between right and wrong by six months after birth. The newspaper claims that the study is challenging the idea that human beings are born as blank slates and that our morality is shaped by our parents and experiences. The study has involved monitoring babies’ responses to puppet shows with some good characters and some naughty characters. Professor Paul Bloom of Yale University, who is leading the research, said that a growing body of evidence suggests humans do have a rudimentary moral sense from the very start of life. [Daily Mail, 10 May]

Cardiff students demonstrate against abortions

A small but committed group of university students recently held a pro-life demonstration in Cardiff. The group bore posters protesting against abortion. The demonstration was one of 51 events around Britain taking part in SPUC’s pro-life chains campaign. [AOL Message Boards, 7 May]

Other news:

Sex selection abortion is the skeleton in pro-abortion feminism’s closet. [John Smeaton, 9 May]

Many US states are opting out of abortion funding. [Patrick Buckley, 7 May]

New study reveals abortion industry’s trade in fetal parts. [, 7 May]

Pro-life pressure prompts abortion centre to abandon late term abortions. [Catholic News Agency, 6 May]

Baby left to die was condemned because of his disability. [, 7 May] 

Swiss suicide clinic dumps human remains in lake. [Daily Mail, 10 May]

Doctors euthanized and harvested organs from a disabled patient, Belgium. [Secondhand Smoke, 8 May]

Archbishop of New York, USA, launches national prayer for life. [, 7 May]

Unwitting surrogate Mother hands over baby after IVF mix-up. [Telegraph, 10 May]

Pro-life highlights in UK election. [Fr Tim Finigan, 7 May]

Former US Senator expresses joy of fathering trisomy-18 daughter. [Catholic News Agency, 7 May]

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