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Defending life
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Spanish king cooperated with evil by signing abortion law, says bishop

22 March 2010

Bishop Juan Antonio Reig Pla, of Alcala de Henares, Spain, has said that by signing a bill into law that liberalises abortion in Spain, King Juan Carlos has actively cooperated with the evil of abortion. The bishop said that the king could have refused to sign the law. He added that the law would also lead to an imposition of sexual education and gender ideology in schools. [Catholic News Agency, 9 March] The Catholic bishops of Spain have responded to the liberalisation of abortion by arranging to put up 13,000 pro-life billboards in 37 cities. The billboards depict the various stages of development in the womb and have as their focus a newly born child resting in a pair of outstretched hands. [Fr Tim Finigan, 9 March] The Spanish public has responded to the liberalisation of the abortion law by taking to the streets in protest. Close to one million Spaniards in cities across the country took part in the International March for Life 2010 day. The day was organised by more than 300 different pro-life groups. [Catholic News Agency, 9 March] Human Life International (HLI), the largest pro-life organisation in the world, has said that by signing abortion into law the king of Spain has automatically excommunicated himself from the Catholic Church. Monsignor Ignacio Barreiro, executive director of HLI's Rome office, said that his signing of the law resulted directly in the enactment of the gravely immoral expansion of abortion. [, 5 March]

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