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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Lobby to keep anti-life sex ed out of this parliament and the next

22 March 2010

SPUC is calling upon its supporters to continue to lobby parliament against the government's sex education plans.

The Children, Schools and Families bill is before the House of Lords, awaiting committee.

SPUC warns that whatever happens to the bill, legislation on sex education will be an issue soon after the imminent general election. [SPUC, 11 March]

Online petitions against government sex education

A petition against anti-life sex education, addressed to the Catholic bishops of England and Wales, closes on 25 March. SPUC is asking its supporters resident in England and Wales to sign and promote the petition. [John Smeaton, 18 March]

Another online petition against the bill, against the bill and compulsory sex education in general, has also been launched. [PetitionOnline, 19 March]

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