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Defending life
from conception to natural death


US approves new abortion drug

22 June 2010

An advisory committee of the US Food and Drug Administration has approved a new abortion drug called Ella. The drug was falsely being promoted as an emergency contraceptive pill. One way in which the pill is reported to work is to kill a newly formed embryo before implantation in the mother's uterus. The panel claimed that the drug could be used to prevent pregnancy even when taken five days after intercourse. In doing so they redefined pregnancy from the moment of implantation, rather than conception. The FDA is yet to formally approve the drug, but usually follows the recommendations of its advisory committtees. [, 17 June]

Scottish people oppose assisted suicide bill

87% of those who submitted evidence to the Scottish parliament regarding Margo MacDonald's assisted suicide bill were opposed to the introduction of assisted-suicide laws in Scotalnd. Reports say that almost 20% of the representations were medical experts and that the vast majority of those were opposed to it. The Scottish Pariliament's Information Centre revealed that many doctors were concerned of the damage such a bill might cause to the public percepetion of doctors, who promise through oath to preserve and not to end life. [, 19 June]

Pontifical Academy for Life director shows how contraceptive techniques are frequently abortive

Monsignor Jacques Suaudeau, the Scientific Director of the Pontifical Academy for Life, has recently published an interview where he explains the links between contraception and abortion. Monsignor Suaudeau says that fifty years after the introduction of the first contraceptive pill the reality is that, far from reducing the number of abortions, contraception has itself become increasingly abortive. Monsignor Suaudeau says that it is in the functioning itself of the “pill” that abortion gains an entry. [John Smeaton, 22 June]

Other stories:

Planned Parenthood renew push for abortion expansion at the UN. [, 17 June]

Michigan, USA, considers bill that would make mothers view an ultrasound image before an abortion. [, 18 June]

Serious stem cell research doesn't exploit human embryos. [Wesley Smith, 17 June]

Relatives of victims of UK doctor speak out. [Telegraph, 19 June]

UK doctor who euthanized patients should be imprisoned, says Wesley Smith. [Wesley Smith, 18 June]

Argentian Catholic bishop defends life and declares it is the Church's mission to do so. [Catholic News Agency, 17 June]

New report says abortion may increase risk of autoimmune disease. [, 17 June]

Irish pro-lifer issues rallying call to defend the unborn. [Irish Independent, 18 June]

Planned Parenthood may use video-conference to prescribe abortions. [, 18 June]

Andrea Bocelli clarifies that he is pro-life, not merely anti-abortion. [Catholic News Agency, 20 June]

Chesterton Society answers Prince of Wales population control comments. [Fr Timothy Finigan, 20 June]

Good Counsel Network hold day of prayer and fasting for the unborn. [Maria Stops Abortion, 22 June]

Irish end-of-life forum requests the opinions of Irish public. [Patrick Buckley, 22 June]

Chairman of US Bishops Conference criticises new 'emergency-contraception' pill. [, 21 June]

Philippines sex education programme put on hold. [, 21 June]

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