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Defending life
from conception to natural death


The UK Royal College of Gynaecologists supports killing 570 babies a day

28 June 2010

The RCOG has released two new reports, on foetal awareness and abortion on the ground of foetal anomaly. The foetal awareness report claims that a foetus cannot feel pain before 24 weeks because the connections in the foetal brain are not fully formed. Paul Tully, SPUC's general secretary, has said that the RCOG supports the killing of 570 babies every day in Britain, at all stages of pregnancy, and that the report is just a way of denying that what they are doing is evil. [John Smeaton, 25 June]

Royal Society of Medicine, UK, to hold debate on assisted suicide

This Wednesday (30 June) there will be a conference/debate on assisted suicide at the Royal Society of Medicine. Fr Timothy Finigan, founder of the Association of Priests for the Gospel of Life, has encouraged pro-lifers to attend. Fr Finigan reports that the pro-euthanasia lobby are trying to stack the debate and generate publicity on Thursday morning ahead of a discussion on ethics at the AGM of the British Medical Association. [Fr Timothy Finigan, 26 June]

Abortion may triple the risk of breast cancer, study says

Researchers have claimed that having an abortion can triple a woman's chance of getting breast cancer in later life. The conclusion was made during research into the relationship between breast feeding and breast cancer. Breast feeding was found to provide protection against breast cancer. Having an abortion was the highest reported risk factor in developing the disease. [Daily Mail, 24 June]

German court approve euthanasia by neglect

Germany's federal court of justice has overturned a conviction against a lawyer who advised his client to remove the feeding tube of her 72-year-old mother in 2002. Alex Schadenberg, founder of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, said that this decision is wrong because the court wrongly defined fluids and food as medical treatment, rather than basic care. Mr Schadenberg said that the court has approved the direct and intentional dehydration of people who are not otherwise dying. [Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, 25 June]

Other News:

Mother aborts baby because of extreme morning sickness. [Telegraph, 24 June]

New UN report pushes for abortion under banner of maternal health. [, 24 June]

US adult stem cell researchers allowed to challenge guidelines that permit human embryo experimentation. [LifeSiteNews, 25 June]

The restoration of eye sight to some patients via adult stem cells. [The New England Journal of Medicine (pdf)]

UK women over forty may be given free IVF treatment. [Telegraph, 26 June]

Wesley Smith criticises UK's new plans for IVF. [Wesley Smith, 28 June]

Tasmanian government planning euthanasia bill. [ABC, 28 June]

Journal questions how founder of Swiss non-profit suicide clinic has amassed wealth. [Daily Mail, 25 June]

Oregon, USA, to open Dignitas-style suicide clinic. [Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, 25 June]

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