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Defending life
from conception to natural death


UK children continue to receive damaging sex education as MPs push for more of the same

23 July 2010

Last night moves in the House of Commons to impose sex education on schools through amendments to the government's Academies bill were defeated. Amendments by a Labour and a Green MP would have advanced the pro-abortion lobby's goal of imposing sex and relationships education on all schools. Anthony Ozimic, SPUC communications manager, welcomed the defeat of the amendments as a temporary block of the abortion industry's demand for unfettered access to school children. [John Smeaton, 22 July]
Ofsted, the UK education assessment body, warned in a report released today that schools were not emphasising the importance of marriage and a loving relationship in sex education classes. The report also said that some lessons used inappropriate resources and failed to provide work appropriate to school children's maturity. [Daily Mail, 23 July]

More schools in Suffolk, UK, are offering the morning after pill to schoolgirls. Twenty-five of the thirty-three schools in Suffolk offer the morning after pill to girls without informing parents or requesting their consent. The number has risen from nine in January 2009.  [TheJournal24, 22 July]

Government figures claim that one in five UK teenage girls have been pregnant at least once before they reach eighteen. Of these girls eighteen per cent had been pregnant twice and three percent had been pregnant three times or more. Thirty six per cent of the girls had abortions. Norman Wells, of the Family Education Trust, said the figures reveal that the previous government's policy of promoting sex education and contraception has been a disaster for young people. [Daily Express, 23 July]

July day of prayer and fasting to end abortion

Saturday 24th July is this month's national day of prayer and fasting for life. The Good Counsel Network, a UK, pro-life pregnancy counselling group request that you join them in prayer and fasting for the end of abortion and euthanasia. [Maria Stops Abortion, 23 July]

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