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Defending life
from conception to natural death


UK assisted suicide campaigner backs paraplegic man's request for euthanasia

26 July 2010

Debbie Purdy, one of Britain's most prominent assisted suicide campaigners, has expressed her wholehearted support for Tony Nicklinson's request for euthanasia by lethal dose. In 2009 Mrs Purdy won a court victory which required the director of public prosecutions to clarify in what circumstances individuals would be prosecuted for assisting suicide. The subsequently issued guidance effectively decriminalised assisted suicide where the assister was judged to be motivated by compassion. [BBC, 20 July]

US man volunteers to be killed for his organs

Gary Phebus, a American with Lou Gherig's disease, has requested to be killed in order to donate his organs. Wesley Smith, an American bioethicist, has said that an apparently positive reaction to the man's request is particularly worrying. LifeLink, an organisation dedicated to the recovery of organ and tissue for transplant, said it thought that it was wonderful that Mr Phebus wished to donate his organs. [Wesley Smith, 25 July]

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