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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Northern Irish director of nursing apologises after elderly patients claim they were malnourished

22 July 2010

A Northern Irish director of nursing has apologised after an elderly persons' rights group complained that elderly hospital patients were being malnourished. Age Northern Ireland said patients were being left alone while unable to eat the food on their tray. The group said elderly patients were dependent on their families to both provide them with food and to feed them while in hospital. The group said elderly patients were not being fed because food was not being prepared by hospital staff for patients who needed it to be pureed or cut up. [BBC, 21 July]

Womb cancer increases in the UK as women have fewer children

Newly released figures show that more women in the UK have womb cancer. Doctors say that women choosing to have fewer, or no chidlren, is one of the main causes of the increase. Figures from Cancer Research UK show that approximately 1,700 women die from cancer of the uterus every year. [Daily Mail, 22 July]

Pro life movement has persuaded many doctors to say no to abortion

The New York Times reported recently that pro-abortion activists are having to invest heavily to encourage and train more doctors to perform abortions. Michael New, of, says this shows the success the pro-life movement has had in convincing doctors, and many others in society, of the immorality of abortion. Mr New said that the article in the New York Times showed that pro-life efforts have made a real difference in the medical community and elsewhere.[, 20 July]

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Assisted suicide promoters use billboards to promote murder. [Wesley Smith, 21 July]

Pregnant mothers and unborn babies sometimes have identical heartbeats. [Daily Record, 21 July]

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