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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Nicklinson euthanasia push undermines security of us all

21 July 2010

A leading anti-euthanasia group has said that a disabled man's push for euthanasia undermines everyone's security. No Less Human, a group within SPUC Pro-Life representing disabled people, was responding to the legal challenge launched by Tony Nicklinson, who is seeking voluntary euthanasia by lethal dose. Janet Thomas of No Less Human commented: "[T]he killing of vulnerable, innocent people, whether able-bodied or not, is never right, even when those people ask to be killed. The deliberate killing of any innocent person damages the interests of us all." [SPUC, 20 July]

African babies under threat from pro-abortion push at Uganda summit

SPUC are appealing for help to counter an immediate threat to the unborn and mothers in Africa. The African Union is currently holding a summit in Kampala, Uganda, which will continue until 27 July. The summit will consider a number of documents that openly promote abortion in Africa. If the summit approves the pro-abortion documents, those texts will then be used repeatedly against all African countries that currently protect the unborn against abortion. Follow the link in this story to help SPUC counter this terrible threat to mothers and to the unborn. [SPUC, 19 July]

Join our campaign against TV abortion ads

SPUC has produced a flyer explaining why TV adverts that promote abortion should be stopped. The leaflet is easy to read and provides a powerful counter to the Marie Stopes TV advertising campaign. SPUC is asking British residents to consider volunteering to distribute the flyer over the summer months. To order flyers please email [John Smeaton, 17 July]

Reports of women being sterilised without consent in Uzbekistan and South Africa

Saodat Rakhimbayeva, an Uzbek woman, believes she was deliberately sterilised as part of a nationwide campaign to lower the birthrate. Her surgeon removed part of her uterus while delivering her baby by Caesarean section. The surgeon claimed the uterus was cancerous, but Mrs Rakhimbayeva said she never consented to the operation. [The Scotsman, 19 July]

In South Africa a women's rights group has claimed that pregnant women who are HIV positive are being coerced into accepting sterilisation. The International Community of Women Living With Aids has also reported women claiming to have been sterilised, without their consent, during abortions. [Irish Times, 20 July]

Other stories:

Colombian abortion clinic accused of child-trafficking. [, 20 July]

Spanish region will show mothers sonograms before allowing abortion. [, 20 July]

US abortion clinic caught on tape giving false information. [Live Action, 20 July]

US senate judiciary committee approve Elena Kagan for supreme court. [, 20 July]

Elena Kagan's promotion of partial birth abortion comprehensively detailed in new legal report. [, 15 July]

Obama has spent millions of US dollars backing pro-abortion Kenyan constitution. [, 19 July]

New movement seeks mainstream acceptance of abortion. [The Christian Post, 19 July]

Billionaire invests in training abortionists. [, 19 July]

Chilean Chamber of Deputies says new Spanish abortion law is despicable. [, 19 July]

Watch this beautiful anti-abortion video. [John Smeaton, 18 July]

Spanish abortion law is no law, says archbishop. [John Smeaton, 15 July]

US Catholic politician to receive award from abortion company. [, 15 July]

Tightened abortion laws take effect in Missouri, USA. [News Tribune, 15 July]

Woman with dwarfism is joyful to be mother of twins also with dwarfism. [Mirror, 18 July]

Swedish study says IVF children have greater cancer risk. [Irish Sun, 19 July]

New Pontifical Academy for Life member: human cloning is utilitarian and unnatural. [Bioethics Hawaii, 18 July]

UK mother convicted for killing her son appeals life sentence. [Yahoo! News from Sky News, 21 July]

Australian Sex Party pledges to legalise euthanasia. [Yahoo! News, 20 July]

New Zealand doctor campaigns for euthanasia. [Otago Daily Times, 20 July]

Doctor warns of dangerous flaws in the British medical system. [BBC, 19 July]

UK man with 'locked-in syndrome' requests right to die. [Telegraph, 19 July]

UK decriminalisation of assisted suicide paved the way for murder. [Wesley Smith, 19 July]

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