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Defending life
from conception to natural death


New Zealand Bill may completely decriminalise abortion

15 July 2010

Stephanie Chadwick, a New Zealand Labour MP, has drafted and hopes to introduce to parliament a new abortion bill. The bill's intention is to completely decriminalise abortion up to 24 weeks. Jill Stanek, a pro-life journalist, said that the pro-abortion lobby was trying to condition the public to accept a total decriminalisation of abortion. [Jill Stanek, 14 July]

Scottish man jailed for trying to kill his disabled wife

John Millar, an Edinburgh pensioner, has admitted to attempting to murder his disabled wife and has been jailed for four and a half years. Mr Millar claimed he was trying to end her suffering. His wife denied his claim that she had said she wanted to die. The judge said Mr Millar had not shown care, but deliberately attempted to kill his wife. [BBC, 14 July]

Western Australian euthanasia bill would give doctors a license to kill

Wesley Smith has said that the Western Australia Euthanasia Bill 2010 gives doctors complete exemption from criminal and civil liability for performing euthanasia. Smith also says the broad definition of 'terminally ill' means that people who might live for decades would qualify for euthanasia. Smith said the bill would risk turning the medical profession into a 'killing practice'.[Wesley Smith, 15 July]

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