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Defending life
from conception to natural death


New study published on abortion and mental health

8 July 2010

Dr Pravin Thevathasan, a psychiatrist with over twenty years' experience, has written a booklet on ‘Abortion and Mental Health’ in which he examines the psychological consequences of induced abortion. Dr Thevathasan has said that perhaps the most important statement in this study is that, while over ninety per cent of abortions are done on the ground that continuation of the pregnancy would lead to serious damage to the women's mental health, there is no evidence that abortion reduces the mental health risks of unwanted pregnancy. [Fr Timothy Finigan, 7 July]

Polish pro-life leaders dismayed at new presidential appointment

Pro-life leaders in Poland are dismayed over the election of Bronislaw Komorowski as the new Polish President. President Komorowski supports state-funded in vitro fertilization, and abortion for cases involving rape and fetal disability. [, 7 July]

Couple angered by MP’s vulgar joke email gaffe

A Liverpool couple have been ridiculed by their MP's staff for trying to protect their ten-year-old son from a pornographic sex education programme widely used in UK primary schools, reports Liverpool media. One of the DVDs shows a naked cartoon couple having a pillow-fight and chasing each other before having sex in different positions. The couple were mistakenly sent the offensive email by the MP's assistant. [SPUC, 7 July]

Other stories:

US government denies supporting the pro-abortion Kenyan constitution. [, 7 July]

US state tightens abortion laws. [, 7 July]

174 complaints made to channel 4 over abortion adverts. [Daily Record, 7 July]

Catholic involvement crucial to restricting abortion funding in Virgina, USA. [Catholic News Agency, 7 July]

Telegraph seems comfortable with targeting of disabled babies for destruction. [John Smeaton, 7 July]

Letter reveals Dutch euthanasia laws passed through covert planning. [Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, 7 July]

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