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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Britain plans to use aid budget to fund abortion in the third world

27 July 2010

The British government is planning to adjust its foreign aid spending in order to promote so-called family planning overseas. The department for international development claims that a major cause of maternal deaths is so-called unsafe abortion, and therefore promotes so-called safe abortions as the solution. The move is an example of how abortion is promoted under the false banner of maternal health. [Yahoo! News from, 27 July]

American women who chose life thank pro-life help centres

Women who chose not to abort their unborn babies are bringing their children to Washington D.C. this week to tell the US congress how grateful they are to pro-life pregnancy help centres. Danica Fountain, one of the planned speakers, said it was thanks to a pregnancy help centre that she realized she could succeed as a mother.  Recently two US politicians announced their plans to force pregnancy help centres to advertise publicly their lack of abortion services. [, 26 July]

Protest from American parents delays implementation of sex education programme

Outraged parents have apparently been successful in delaying the implementation of a new school sex education programme in Montana, USA. The school board has delayed a vote on whether to implement the programme, but it is feared that significant changes will not be made. The new programme would have included education about homosexual intercourse. Jeff Laszloffy, president of the Montana Family Foundation, said the push for this sort of sex education was not limited to Montana, but was part of a national agenda. [, 26 July]

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