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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Urge MPs to oppose compulsory sex ed bill, House of Commons, 23 Feb

12 February 2010

The final main day (report stage and third reading) in the House of Commons on the government's sex education bill has been announced for Tuesday 23 February. The government's Children, Schools and Families bill would force all state schools to provide sex and relationships education (SRE) for all primary and secondary school pupils. The government want SRE to include signposting and links to abortion and other anti-life/anti-family services in schools, including faith schools. SPUC is calling upon supporters to lobby their MP immediately. [SPUC, 11 February]

Health department openly defies Northern Irish High Court

The health department in Northern Ireland has reissued health guidelines that were twice rejected by the High Court in Northern Ireland. Liam Gibson, the head of SPUC in Northern Ireland, has described the move as baffling and bizarre. Mr Gibson also said that the move is an open defiance of the Northern Irish High Court, saying that the health department has “simply disregarded the High Court order”. SPUC will be seeking a temporary injunction against the department, while it considers its legal options.  [, 11 February] []

New Zealanders plan to march against RU486

Family First NZ is supporting a march to the steps of Parliament tomorrow to protest the application made by Family Planning for a license to issue the abortion drug RU-486. Bob McCoskrie, national director of Family First NZ, says that if the application is successful it will create a huge conflict of interest. Mr McCoskrie said Family Planning would use the license to first talk women into having abortions and then carry out the procedure on them. Mr McCoskrie also reminded the media of the hugely harmful effects of RU-486. The US Food and Drug Administration has released reports of RU-486 related deaths resulting from haemorrhaging, infections and misdiagnoses of ectopic pregnancies. Mr McCorskie said that pregnant women deserve to know the truth about abortion procedures and not be allowed to be exploited by Family Planning. [Scoop, 12 February] []

Australian PM says there's no call for a euthanasia law

The Australian prime minister, Kevin Rudd, has said he feels there's no call for euthanasia in the Australian parliament sufficient for federal parliament to take a conscience vote on the issue. Mr Rudd also said that should such a vote arise, he would vote against the right to die. [Sky News Australia, 12 February] []

American schools threatened by anti-life/anti-family sex ed

In North Carolina the Department of Public Instruction’s attempts to promote pro-abortion attitudes in the education system have seen Bishop Michael Burbidge of Raleigh and Bishop Peter Jugis of Charlotte respond by asking Catholics to oppose the reforms. The reforms would mean that all students in North Carolina would have to learn to explain how Roe v Wade case, which legalized abortion in the US, was an example of the US Supreme Court upholding human rights against oppressive government. [, 12 February] [] Pro-family groups in New Hampshire are opposing an amendment to anti-bullying legislation that could open the way for pro-homosexuality teaching in schools. The proposed clause makes specific reference to sexual orientation and gender identity and expression as characteristics to be protected by law. The measure also claims that the school curriculum should reflect its disciplinary policies, thus paving the way for pro-homosexuality education. [, 11 February] []

Other stories:

The majority of Irish GPs reported to favour access to the morning after pill. [Irish Medical Times, 12 February] []

Moves to remove abortion from US healthcare plans gather apace. [Zikkir, 11 February] []

US Democrats may attempt to push through healthcare bill on majority vote. [, 11 February] []

Abortion documentary screens at Sundance Film Festival. [, 11 February] []

Majority of Americans oppose euthanasia, polls say. [Secondhand Smoke, 11 February] []

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