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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Ray Gosling arrested on suspicion of murder after claiming he killed terminally-ill gay lover

17 February 2010

Ray Gosling, the BBC TV presenter has been arrested on suspicion of murder after claiming he killed terminally-ill gay lover. Mr Gosling confessed on the BBCs Inside Out programme on Monday to smothering an unnamed man suffering with AIDS. Mr Gosling claimed to have made a pact with the man to act if his suffering increased. [BBC, 17 February] Anthony Ozimic, SPUC Pro-Life's communications manager, told the media that making a pact beforehand did not change the act, either morally or legally, from one of murder to suicide. [John Smeaton, 16 February]

Angry response to sex kit for kids

Gazette Live, a Teeside based news-agency, has noted an angry response from its readers to the promotion of ‘sex kits’ to children as young as 13. NHS stores across Teeside used the week leading up to Valentine’s day to promote the NHS’s C: Card programme. The programme involves handing out free condoms and the offering of sexual health advice to those between 13 and 25. Many commentators on the Gazette Live website responded to the scheme with despair, describing it as nonsense. Some said that the scheme would encourage underage sexual activity, when young children would not ordinarily be thinking about sex. [, 13 February]

No opt-out for children from pro-gay classes in Ontario schools

Parents will not be allowed to remove their children from pro-gay classes in Ontario schools, according to a report by Hamilton Mountain News. In addition to this a leaked document from the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board revealed that teachers were being trained how to respond to parents who may object to the pro-homosexual education. The suggested responses urge teachers to inform parents that all children have a right to anti-discriminatory, inclusive education. Jim Enos, president of the Hamilton-Wentworth Family Action Council, has said that parents are the educators of children and that schools should be an extension of a parent’s education, not the other way around. [, 15 February]

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