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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Poll claims 75% of Britons want assisted suicide

1 February 2010

Three-quarters of respondents to a poll in Britain have said that they support a change in the law that would allow for assisted suicide. Keir Starmer, the director of public prosecutions, is already drafting new guidelines for the circumstances in which those involved with assisted suicide of family members will be brought to court. Such a change in the law has received high-profile support from people such as Sir Terry Pratchett, the author. Care Not Killing , a group that works for the rights of the disabled and the promotion of palliative care, has said that it is discriminatory and dangerous to argue that terminally ill people need less protection from the law. [Telegraph, 1 February]

Stillbirth Foundation Australia is urgently calling for more research into stillbirth, after it emerged that 2,000 babies a year are stillborn in Australia. Reports say that IVF and ovarian stimulation are thought to increase the chance of stillbirth. [The Daily Telegraph Australia, 1 February]

The murderer of George Tiller has been found guilty of first degree murder after admitting to shooting the late-term abortion practitioner. Pro-life groups have joined in again condemning the murder as an act of vigilantism. [LifeSiteNews, 29 January]

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