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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Christian leaders help keep abortion out of draft constitution

3 February 2010

The Kenyan National Council of Churches and the Catholic Church have helped to ensure that the draft Kenyan constitution does not facilitate a right to abortion. The draft now contains a definition of life beginning at conception and ending at natural death. Pro-abortion language, such as the right to reproductive health, has been deleted. [All Africa, 2 February] []

Adult stem cells successfully treat heart disease

A Florida-based stem cell therapist has helped a man battling severe heart disease with treatment utilising the patient’s own stem cells. Dr Zannos Grekos of Orlando, America, developed stem cells from the blood of Les Nachman and injected the specialised cells into his heart. Mr has suffered from life-threatening heart disease for ten years, but since his treatment his condition has improved significantly. [News-Medical, 3 February] []

Push for abortion as part of maternal healthcare in Canada

The Canadian Liberal Party has demanded that Stephen Harper, the Canadian prime minister, includes the promotion of abortion and contraception as part of his proposed maternal health initiative. The Liberal Party are also calling for funding for the pro-abortion International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF). Paul Szabo, a pro-life Liberal MP, has claimed the press release does not reflect the party’s position and that he will continue to defend the unborn. [LifeSiteNews, 2 February] []

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