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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Brain scans reveal that patients in so-called persistent vegetative state can both think and communicate

8 February 2010

Experts have shown that some patients who show no outward signs of consciousness can in fact comprehend speech and answer simple questions. Doctors using hi-tech brain scanning equipment asked a 29-year-old patient in a so-called persistent vegetative state (persistent non-responsive state) to respond to biographical questions by imagining scenarios which used various parts of the brain. The scanned brain activity showed the patient answered 100% of the questions correctly. [Telegraph, 3 February] [] Alison Davis, of No Less Human, has criticised the report of the story as it appears in The Telegraph. Ms Davis says the major focus of the article is that the new technology will assist people in choosing to die, without recognising that such patients have a right to life. [John Smeaton, 4 February] []

Pentagon says all military bases must offer morning-after pills

US military bases worldwide will be required to provide the morning-after pill, following directives from the Pentagon. Pro-life groups have regularly opposed the morning-after pill. The morning after pill works in a number of ways, one of which is to cause an early abortion to preventing the implantation of a fertilized egg into the lining of the uterus. [Air Force Times, 4 February] []

Other stories:

GP who sent daughter for late abortion is struck off. [Daily Mail, 3 February]

Marie Stopes International reports record increase in abortions and contraceptives. [Marie Stopes International, 3 February]

Pro-life campaign to protect black unborn children launched. [Jill Stanek, 4 February]

IVF may pass on infertility. [Telegraph, 8 February] []

BBC accused of promoting euthanasia by ignoring rights of disabled. [Telegraph, 5 February]

Testimony of man who recovered after being in a persistent non-responsive state. [Daily Mail, 5 February]

Guernsey health minister says assisted suicide change depends on UK. [BBC, 3 February]

The frightening historical links of the campaign for assisted suicide. [John Smeaton, 3 February] []

Archbishop and foreign minister stand up for life in Malta. [Times of Malta, 7 February] [] [Malta Media, 6 February] []

Pope’s pro-life message to Scottish Catholic bishops. [John Smeaton, 5 February] []

Police expel pro-life protesters in front of European Union "human rights" meeting. [, 3 February]

New Dominican constitution defends life from moment of conception. [Catholic News Agency, 1 February]

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