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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Hungary may introduce constitutional ban on abortion

13 December 2010

Hungary may introduce a constitutional ban on abortion. According to the Wall Street Journal, a draft constitution presented by Hungary's governing party says that life must be protected from conception. The newspaper says that the move may be a response to declining population growth. [Wall Street Journal, 9 December]

Belgian court rules disabled child denied "right" to be aborted

A Belgian court has ruled a disabled child was denied his "right" to be aborted. A recently-published ruling, made in September, by Belgium's court of appeal held that a child born following an erroneous prenatal diagnosis was legally "injured" by being born with disabilities. The court argued that the law, by allowing abortion, considered both the interests of the mother and of the unborn child. [Genethique, 3 December]

Spanish nursing home orderly admits killing 11 residents

An orderly at a Spanish nursing home has admitted killing 11 of its residents. Joan Vila, 45, poisoned the residents and claimed that he killed them to end their sufferings. [BBC, 30 November]

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