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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Doctors in India worried over abuse of morning-after pill

3 August 2010

There is growing concern amongst healthcare workers and government officials in India about the routine use of morning-after pills. Manufacturers of the “I-pill” and “Unwanted 72” are promoting them as primary contraceptives, resulting in teenagers overusing them. The pills have health risks such as breast, ovarian and uterine cancer. [, 29 July]

IVF pioneer argues for NHS to pay for saviour siblings

A leading IVF doctor is arguing that the NHS should pay for IVF so-called saviour siblings. Dr. Simon Fishel claims that creating saviour siblings will be cost-effective for the NHS, when treating patients that require blood transfusions and tissue-matched donors. [BBC, 30 July]

Woman in locked-in syndrome wants government to revise assisted suicide law

A woman in locked-in syndrome wants the British government to revise the law on assisted suicide. Tracey Snik argues that if someone willfully chooses to die, then the law should respect their wishes. However, Mrs Snik has said that she has no intention to die, saying that "life isn't over, it's just different". [ITV, 28 July]

Other stories:

Pill to treat stomach ulcers promoted as new 'safe' form of abortion. [New York Times, 31 July]

30 Colombian governors pledge to protect the lives of the unborn. [Catholic News Agency, 2 August]

American senator pushes for permanent support of tax-funded abortion overseas [, 2 August]

Documentary tells story of Cuban pro-life hero [Rome Reports via Catholic Herald, 2 August]

Bishops urges vote for parental notification proposal [, 1 August]

Vatican preparing new document on effects of abortion on women [CNA, 30 July]

Easy access to drugs trivializes abortion, says Vatican official [CNS via Catholic Sun, 30 July]

No members of Spanish committee on maternal health are pro-life, organization charges [CNA, 30 July]

Brazilian government joins UN to urge Latin American nations to depenalize abortion [, 30 July]

French nurse admits to eight infanticides [Telegraph, 29 July]

Beware new abortion guidance in Northern Ireland, warns SPUC. [SPUC, 27 July]

Spain's embryo adoption scheme reveals the inhumanity of IVF [Pat Buckley, 3 August]

British couple pay woman in India to bear their child [BBC, 2 August]

Vatican criticizes US approval for world's first embryonic stem cell clinical trial [AFP via London South East, 31 July]

Documentary reveals secrets of infertility industry [Youth Defence, 30 July]

Scots IVF clinic makes move towards designer babies [Christian Institute, 29 July]

IVF doctor defends helping parents choose babies’ gender [Daily Record, 29 July]

Protein found in stem cells protects against immune attack [EuroInvestor, 29 July]

20th world congress on fertility and sterility [AlphaGalileo, 29 July]

Re-growth of rabbit limbs using their own stem cells may have promising possibilities for humans [BBC, 28 July]

UK embryo authority to be shut down. [Christian Institute, 27 July]

India's elderly under pressure to use IVF. [BBC, 27 July]

New film reveals exploitation of women who sell their eggs for IVF. [Wesley Smith, 27 July]

Scientists reprogram mouse fat cells into useful stem cells. [ScienceBlog, 26 July]

Mother defends euthanasia of son [Evening Standard, 30 July]

Scientists say 'locked in' patients may soon be able to drive wheelchairs by breathing.[Telegraph, 27 July]

New book by Anglican vicar on assisted suicide [spiked, July]

Expert says increased population good for prosperity [Youth Defence, 30 July]

Report features developed world under-population crisis [, 29 July]

Iranian president dismisses 'Western' family planning methods and calls for population growth. [Irish Examiner, 28 July]

European population growth discussed on YouTube. [Independent, 27 July]

Women 'should not have right to home birth if at risk' [BBC, 30 July]

Marie Stopes commemorated with an English Heritage Blue Plaque [English Heritage, 29 July]

Unborn baby saves mom's life by kicking in womb [Central Chronicle, 25 July]

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