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Defending life
from conception to natural death


African Union extends plans to promote abortion

6 August 2010

The African Union concluded its annual summit last week, during which member states agreed to increase legal abortion in Africa. The pro-abortion Maputo Plan of Action was extended until 2015. States also agreed to expand a new pro-abortion initiative on maternal mortality. [, 5 August]

Pro-life leaders troubled by appointment of pro-abortion Elena Kagan to US supreme court

The US senate has confirmed Elena Kagan as the next supreme court justice by 63 votes to 37. Dr Charmaine Yoest, president of Americans United for Life Action, said that Kagan would emerge as one of the Supreme Court's most agenda-driven and reliably pro-abortion judges. [CNA, 5 August]

Former 'locked-in' patient speaks of her determined will to live

Kerry Pink, a British mother of two, has said that she never lost her will to live during her 18 months in 'locked-in' syndrome. Mrs Pink said it was her absolute faith in her husband's love and her knowledge that her children needed her that propelled her on. Mrs Pink's comments comes in the wake of the legal challenge by Tony Nicklinson. Mr Nicklinson, who is presently in 'locked-in' syndrome, wants the courts to force the director of public prosecutions to clarify in what circumstances he would prosecute cases of voluntary euthanasia. [Christian Institute, 5 August]

Other stories:

Kenyan Catholic bishops urge reform of new pro-abortion constitution. [CNA, 6 August]

Cardinal tells Spanish people to defy abortion law. [, 5 August]

Mothers' group campaigning for abortion on demand launched in New Zealand. [Scoop, 6 August]

Pro-abortion US House Speaker refuses to comment of unborn Jesus' right to life. [EWTN, 5 August]

Old abortion clinic becomes home for pregnant teens [, 4 August]

Irish boy saved by windpipe made from his own stem cells [BBC, 6 August]

American biomedical research institute says reprogrammed adult stem cells are virtually identical to embryonic stem cells. [Science Daily, 5 August]

Adult stem cells are providing medical solutions and embryonic stem cells are not [CTV News, 3 August]

American couple fulfil murder-suicide death pact. [Wesley Smith, 5 August]

Father of coma patient says with life there is always hope. [CNA, 5 August]

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