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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Authorities in Asia seek to sterilise their populations

19 April 2010

The Chinese state media has reported that authorities have detained 1,300 people in order to sterilise them. This is part of a 20-day campaign to sterilise almost 10,000 people suspected of planning to break the strict Chinese family-planning laws.  [Daily Mail, 16 April] Such sterilisation campaigns are not limited to China. Thousands of women in Uzbekistan experience forced sterilations. These sterilisations are state-ordered and irreversible. [The Petition Site]

Al Pacino to star in pro-euthanasia movie

Al Pacino, the American actor, is to star in a pro-euthanasia movie for television. Mr Pacino will star in You Don’t Know Jack, as Dr Jack Kevorkian, the euthanasia doctor who claims to have assisted 130 people to die. Mr Pacino said that he saw Dr Kevorkian as a doctor who cared for his patients. [Telegraph, 18 April]

Other stories:

Irish Labour Party leader promises to promote abortion if he wins power. [Irish Independent, 19 April]

Study suggests sex-selective abortions causing gender imbalance in Vietnam. [, 19 April]

UN Conference hears pro-life presentation [Patrick Buckley, 19 April]

Surrogacy arrangement unprecedented in UK reported. [Daily Mail, 17 April]

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