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Defending life
from conception to natural death


SPUC calls for resistance to Irish euthanasia proposals

17 September 2009

SPUC is calling for resistance to proposals unveiled by the Law Commission of Ireland which would allow euthanasia by denial of food, fluids and reasonable medical treatment. The Commission's proposals mirror almost exactly the British government's Mental Capacity Act 2005 enshrined and expanded euthanasia by neglect in English law. John Smeaton, SPUC director, commented: "Surely the good people of Ireland, many thousands of whom every year work to resist the repeated attempts to undermine its pro-life constitution, will not stand idly by at this attempt to import silent euthanasia?" Mr Smeaton asked pro-lifers to write to newspapers and other media outlets in the Irish Republic and urge the Irish government and Dail (parliament) to reject the Commission's proposals. [John Smeaton, SPUC director, 16 September]

Anna Zaborska, a member of the European parliament representing Slovakia, has protested against moves within European institutions to suppress pro-life and pro-family national laws. Speaking in the parliament last night, Mrs Zaborska said: "I profoundly regret that the European Parliament ... question[s] the protection of children and the right of parents to educate them." [John Smeaton, SPUC director, 16 September] Mrs Zaborska was speaking ahead of a vote on a resolution against a proposed law in Lithuania which aims to protect minors from sexualisation by society. [Pat Buckley - European Life Network, 16 September] The resolution was approved by 349 votes to 218 with 46 abstentions.

The Grand Duke of Luxembourg has been awarded a prize by the Catholic Church for his resistance to the legalisation of euthanasia in his country. Henry I received the Van Thuan Prize, to those who have distinguished themselves in the promotion and defence of human rights. Luxembourg's parliament stripped the duke of some of his powers as head of state after it voted to legalise euthanasia. [Catholic News Agency, 16 September]

Other stories:

Catholic Church in Ireland backs Lisbon treaty, saying "There are no grounds to justify a 'No' vote in the Lisbon Treaty on the basis of specifically religious or ethical concerns" [Irish Independent, 17 September]

A Czech pro-life group has urged Irish voters to reject the Lisbon Treaty [, 16 September]

Child is aborted every 25 seconds in the European Union, study finds [Fides via Deacon for Life, 8 September]

"GP surgeries in Newcastle have contributed to almost 400 abortions under nine weeks being16 Sept carried out in the past year, figures have shown." [Blyth and Wansbeck Today, 17 September]

Environmentalist Jeffrey Sachs calls for population control to combat climate change [eGov monitor, 16 September]

Five children left without a mother after she dies suddenly during sixth pregnancy [Daily Mail, 16 September]

"An international expert on death and dying has warned that, unless there is a major change of political attitude toward end-of-life care policy in the developed world 'we will see a return to the widespread social neglect of the dying we first witnessed in our hospitals after [the second] World War'." [Irish Times, 17 September]

Association for Palliative Medicine of Great Britain and Ireland backs Liverpool Care Pathway, rejects pro-life doctors' concerns [Times, 17 September]

"U.N. General Assembly votes to create U.N. agency for women" [Medical News Today, 16 September]

"The Catholic Church [in the Philippines] might resort to bloc voting in next year's elections to ensure that only candidates who are pro-family and pro-life will be elected into office." [Manila Bulletin, 14 September]

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