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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Senior Labour advisor says Chinese one-child policy has had "positive impact"

22 September 2009

A senior advisor to Britain's governing Labour party has said that China's one-child policy has had a "positive impact" on the Chinese economy. Lord Adair Turner, writing for a philosophy journal, said that the policy had allowed China to develop without "severe political and social tensions". Robert Whelan of Civitas, the think-tank, said he regretted Lord Turner's comments, and questioned "his analysis that the one-child policy is responsible for China's economic" progress. [Daily Mail, 22 September]

Both the prime minister and opposition leader in Britain have commented on moves to allow assisted suicide. A spokesman for Gordon Brown, the prime minister, restated Mr Brown's opposition to assisted suicide but would not be drawn on draft guidelines, due to be issued tomorrow, on prosecuting cases of assisting suicide. David Cameron, the opposition leader, called moves to tolerate assisted suicide "dangerous for society". John Smeaton, SPUC director, commented: "We must hold these politicians to account." [SPUC director's blog, 22 September]

Other stories:

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Vienna archbishop stops Salzburg bishop from attending pro-life protest. SPUC corrects claims made re 1981 by-election [John Smeaton, SPUC director, 20 September]

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Rare genetic disease successfully reversed in mouse trial using adult stem cells [Bionity, 21 September]

Pregnant mother must hand over child when born after being implanted with wrong embryo [Daily Express, 22 September]

IVF is "a crazier gamble than a Las Vegas casino" says IVF pioneer [Daily Mail, 22 September]

The Economist magazine backs call for population control to be used to combat climate change [Economist, 21 September]

Politicians have duty to intervene to reduce teenage pregnancies, says Scotland's public health minister [Scotsman, 22 September]

Premature births up by 16 per cent over past 25 years as survival rates increase [Telegraph, 22 September]

42% of Canadian obstetricians say pregnant mothers have a right to Caesarean sections [National Post, 21 September]

Christian lawyers call for assisted suicide rules change to be halted, question impartiality of Britain's most senior judge [Telegraph, 22 September]

Prominent commentator David Aaronovitch backs assisted suicide [Times, 22 September]

Minister claims Scots government to amend incapacity act practice code to ensure no euthanasia by denial of food or fluids [Wired Gov, 21 September]

Merseyside medics defend Liverpool Care Pathway [Liverpool Daily Post, 22 September]

Palliative care doctor disputes Times letter by anti-euthanasia doctor [Times, 22 September]

Assisting suicide won't be prosecuted unless motives were ulterior. DPP to publish draft guidance Wed. Care Not Killing cautious [Telegraph, 19 September]

Two Labour MPs debate for & against reported draft guidance [Times, 21 September]

Woman's personal account before committing suicide at Dignitas centre [Times, 20 September]

Palliative carers should pay more attention to hydration, writes anti-euthanasia doctor [Times, 21 September]

Australian quadriplegic who won case to refuse food & water dies from chest infection [AP via USA Today, 21 September]

Irish Times newspaper again parrots Law Reform Commission's claims that Mental Capacity Bill won't change euthanasia law [Irish Times, 21 September]

Dominican Republic gives final approval to constitutional amendment protecting the right to life "from conception until death" [, 18 September]

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