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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Marie Stopes claims population control is crucial for combatting climate change

18 September 2009

Marie Stopes International, the abortion provider, has said that population control is crucial to combatting climate change. Leo Bryant, writing in The Lancet medical journal, claimed that 200 million worldwide want but cannot obtain contraceptives. Mr Bryant admitted that population growth in poorer nations was unlikely to increase global warming significantly [Reuters, 18 September]

Almost half of all Americans believe government healthcare shouldn't pay for abortion, according to a pollster. A national telephone survey found that 48% of those surveyed wanted any government-subsidized health plan to be banned from covering abortions, with 13% in favour and 32% neutral. The survey mirrors other polls which show that around half of all Americans are generally opposed to abortion [Jill Stanek, 17 September]

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