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Irish voters 'should not to be afraid' to vote no

30 September 2009

Dana Rosemary Scallon, the pro-life former politician, has called upon Irish voters not to be afraid to vote no in Friday's referendum on the Lisbon treaty. In a press statement, Mrs Scallon said that the guarantees obtained by the Irish government from the European Union (EU) on abortion are "worthless". She also said that "voting no will protect Ireland's Constitution in matters such as the definition and protection of the family, children's rights, parent's rights [and] the protection of life and the child embryo". [John Smeaton, 29 September]

Gordon Brown, the British prime minister, has announced that pregnant 16 and 17-year-olds will no longer receive council flats and will be housed in dedicated hostels instead. Speaking at the Labour party's annual conference, Mr Brown referred to the problem of "children having children" and said: "It cannot be right for a girl of 16 to get pregnant, be given the keys to a council flat and be left on her own." [Daily Mail, 30 September] Mr Brown also announced changes to government childcare. [Daily Mail, 30 September] SPUC is greatly worried that government-appointed social workers will be assigned to oversee the pregnant teenagers, considering the government's ardent promotion of abortion.

Hundreds of Polish medics have called upon Polish parliamentarians to reject the legalisation of IVF and urged them to back ethical alternatives. In an open letter to a major newspaper, the professionals wrote that "artificial fertilization entails risk of embryo death" and "violates the dignity of men, women and children". They also said that NaProTechnology is more effective than IVF. [, 29 September]

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