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Pro-abortion feminist groups inflate illegal abortion numbers

16 October 2009

A former Peruvian health minister says pro-abortion feminist groups make false claims regarding illegal abortion numbers. Luis Solari said that when minister of health he was able to confirm that the figures claimed by pro-abortion groups were several times higher than the official figures. Mr Solari also said the pro-abortion groups in Peru were receiving money from foreign groups in order to change the law. [Catholic News Agency, 15 October] SPUC has pointed out that a new report on worldwide abortion rates by the pro-abortion Alan Guttmacher Institute also relies upon highly spurious guesstimates. The pro-abortion lobby has a proven track record of exaggerating illegal abortions numbers. [SPUC, 14 October]

A nurse who gave suicide advice online has loses his professional licence. William Melchert-Dinkel, a male nurse from Minnesota, America, used pseudonyms in online suicide chat-rooms to pose as an expert on suicide techniques. Two participants in the chat-rooms committed suicide. [Wesley J. Smith, 15 October]

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