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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Patients dying of malnutrition in British hospitals

7 May 2009

Patients are dying of malnutrition in British hospitals. A survey for the Health Service journal found that insufficient important and attention was given to feeding patients and to the quality of hospital food. Figures reveal that 242 died of malnutrition in NHS hospitals in 2007. [Daily Mail, 6 May] SPUC has warned that patients are at risk of euthanasia by omission under the Mental Capacity Act [SPUC director]

Australian regulators have required an Australian website to remove a page linking to an American pro-life website. The Australian Communications and Media Authority threatened to fine the Australian website's hosting provider Aus$11,000 (£5,537). The American pro-life website contains pictures of aborted unborn children [Register, 7 May]

The Czech parliament has ratified the Lisbon treaty. Pro-lifers fear that the Lisbon treaty could undermine the domestic laws of European Union member-states which prohibit or restrict anti-life practices. Ireland is the only EU country to have rejected the treaty. [Guardian, 6 May]

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